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Lunch Date With Jesus

I wrote this book to inspire the girl reading it right now; yes, for you! This book is for the girl who at heart is on the journey of self-discovery; to discover her identity in God, her purpose in life, and become the woman that God has made her to be. She is ready to move forward and overcome the hurt, betrayal, pain, abuse, and brokenness of the past. She hears Jesus knocking at the door of her heart, and she is ready to let Him in, go deep in love with God, and become whom He has called her to be for the Kingdom business.


Are you that girl? Jesus has been patiently knocking at the door of your heart, will you let Him in?

Is Your Book Ready?

'Everybody has at least one book in them including you.'
That does not mean everyone will write a book, but everyone is a potential author.


If you an established author or a ‘want to be author’, consider all your book writing problems solved. 


Is your book ready? (and Build Media Team book) is a wonderful book resource that gives you step by step guide on how to successfully write, publish and market your next book.


Dear Jesus Journal: From My Heart to Yours


Dear Jesus Journal serves as a form of communication/letter from your heart to the Heart of God. Your personal relationship with God begins by putting your faith in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as your Lord and personal Saviour. God wants you to communicate with Him just as you communicate with your loved ones or your best friend.

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